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• Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering,
• Have a minimum of four years of operation and maintenance experience
• Good knowledge of maintenance systems
• Excellent verbal and written skills in English
• Having desire to do outstanding jobs
• Recognizing and understanding emotions of other people
• Listening different perspectives and showing flexibility
• Clear in communicating thoughts and idea
• Very good analytical and critical thinking and problem solving skills
• Military service must be completed for male candidates

• Assess and promote compliance with corporate process safety requirements.
• Perform periodic site inspections and coordinate required resources from other departments.
• Support the development and continuous improvement of company process safety standards and specifications to promote understanding of and compliance with process safety requirements.
• Review written process safety instructions, such as operating manuals, through the application of solid technical writing skills and experience in training field operators.
• Performing compliance tasks, as required.
• Support measures for troubleshooting or to maintain and improve operational safety
• Identify energy savings opportunities and make recommendations to achieve more energy efficient operation.
• Make research and basic design for new system
• Prepare technical specifications
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: Şahinbey - GaziantepTR, Şehitkamil - GaziantepTR
: Makine Mühendisi
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